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Measuring your Garden

This page is here to help you work out how many rolls of turf you will require for your project, regardless of the shape or size, a lot of which will be a refresh of the good old school days.All you need is a tape measure and perhaps something to note the measurements onto and we are ready to go!


*Note that we recommend ordering a few more rolls than you think you need, just to be on the safe side! 

Converting into Square Metres

Our turf rolls are cut into 1 square metre strips, so ideally we need to measure the garden in metres to avoid any conversions later on.


(if you have already measured the garden in a different metric, do not worry as we have the conversion ratios here. Simply multiply the area you calculated by the correct metric equivalent). 

adapted visual aid.jpg
random 2.jpg
Square and Rectangle.jpg
Triangle .jpg
Visual Aid.jpg
Visual Aid
Designed Backyard

Our visual aid

1) Squares and Rectangles

We will start with a Square/Rectangle shapes which simply require a width and length measurement. So with a tape measure, take measurements of the LENGTH and WIDTH in metres, then multiply them to work out the area. 




30m (Length) x 10m (Width) = 300 (Square Metres)


or 300 rolls + 10% recommended buffer amount = 330 rolls



* Not to scale

Note: The longest side is always the length, with the width the shortest

Squares and Rectangles

2) Triangles

Triangles are a little bit more complex, as the sides might differ in length and the angle at the base may not be 90 degrees, however, these instructions aim to give you a rough idea of how many rolls you will need from a triangular shape!

So with a tape measure, take measurements of the BASE and HEIGHT values then multiply them together. This number is then divided by 2 to equal the triangle's area.

- The Base is the longest side of the triangle

- The opposite corner of the base is where the height measurement should start. 

- The height has to be 'perpendicular' to the base or as close too it (the height and base line need to meet at a right angle)  


Base x Height =

X / 2 = Area of Triangle (m2)


20m x 10m = 200m2 

200m2 / 2 = 100m2 or 100 rolls + 10% = 110 rolls


BASE 20m


BASE 20m

* Not to scale

* Not to scale


Right angle


3) Circles

Circles are a little tricky to work out if you have forgotten the magic formula but in reality its easy to do, we just need to find out the radius value. 

Find the centre of the circle, then measure the distance to the outside, this value is your RADIUS. Knowing the radius value, multiply it by itself to get the Diameter, then multiply the Diameter by Pi; this will equal the area of the circle.


RADIUS x RADIUS = Diameter  

Diameter x Pi = Area of Circle (m2)


10m x 10m = 100m2 

100m2 3.14159 = 315m2

Or 315 rolls + 10% = 347 rolls.


* Not to scale


4) Random

Not all work spaces will be a perfect shape, a lot will be slightly obscure or have a feature in the way so we recommend you break the work space up into manageable shapes.  

So referencing the 'Visual Aid' at the top of the page, we have covered an area we want to turf, however it is a random shape with curves and obstacles!


This is how we would recommend tackling such factors:

Random shapes - Below is the template of how we would measure the Visual Aid, figure 4. It may look long winded, however it will give a much more accurate estimation of the amount of turf needed for the project.

Find out the areas of all the shapes below and add them together (refer back to the shape examples above). 

270m2 + 100m2 + 50m2 + 15m2 + 10m2 + 5m2 = 450m2 + 10% = 495 rolls of turf

Note - This total area doesn't exclude the shed, this will be covered in the Obstacles section







* Not to scale

Curves - We recommend overlapping, as afterwards you can just go over the edging with a sharp knife and make a neat, precise cut discarding unwanted material giving a professional look. 

- Obstacles - Treat them as a new shape, work out its area and subtract it from the area of the shape it sits within.

The Shed Area =  (5m x 6m)  so 30m2 

The shape the shed sits in = (15m x 20m) so 300m2 

300m2 - 30m2 = 270m2 + 10% = 297 rolls to turf the area around the shed





* Not to scale

We stress that all measurements should be carried out using metres! 

If we have not touched on a scenario which is causing you a head ache, then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01206 250 888 and we will be happy to help!

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