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Client Projects

Our landscaping turf has been used in an array of exciting projects across the UK and we are proud to showcase some of the finished articles. 

If you have completed a project using our turf and wish to share the outcome then please send us the general location, project objective and some photos and we will be sure to post them on the site.

Send the information to with the title Client project. We look forward to it!

Near Harwich
Carried out by homeowner

"Our project was a 400m2 garden. We knew it would be a mammoth task, both financially and physically. We have resided ourselves to the fact that we would need to seed the garden as it would be much more feasible given the size of the plot. We were recommended Wright Turf Ltd by a local developer who suggested we call for a quote. On calling in to Wright Turf Ltd I spoke with a lovely gentleman called Mat. To our complete surprise Mat worked on a quote for us and gave a great price on what was a fairly large quantity of turf. I had lots of questions about the turf, the quality of turf, the company, the payment method given the current circumstances (lockdown). Mat was informative, efficient and most importantly friendly. I was immediately sold as Mat was such a helpful and pleasant person. We went through with the order on the Friday and the turf was delivered on bank holiday Monday, promptly at 9am. I even contacted Mat on the morning of the delivery in panic as I has miscalculated the quantity and asked if we could increase our order. Mat and George with no hesitation accommodated our last minute changes effortlessly. The delivery driver was friendly, worked in a timely manner and even waved to our little one to say "hi". The turf we received was thick and full, luscious and green, and was clearly watered and looked after beautifully. We have received so many compliments on the grass already, our neighbours have even asked for the name of the supplier. To my surprise we received a phone call from Mat the following day to ask if we were happy with our order. It isn't often that you recieve this level of customer service and care. Without hesitation we would whole heartedly recommend Wright Turf Ltd , not only for a 5 star product but a 5 star customer service".

Near Braintree
Carried out by homeowner

During our clients time off work, she had decided to get around to re-turfing her quaint garden just before the summer season. 

Everything was prepared beautifully, the soil had been rotavated well in advance, there was no clods and ground was flat and firmly compressed. Pellet fertiliser was even administered. 

We delivered the 24 rolls in the afternoon and that day the garden was laid. Our client said, "The turf was really good and so far hard wearing with the dogs" and "I've been very impressed with the service and would defiantly use again. Highly recommended."

We are both very happy with the end result!

If you need any advice or guidance related to turf laying then please visit our turf guides

In Manningtree
Carried out by homeowner

Our clients wanted to create a space for their child to play in once summer comes about. Originally the father in law's allotment, work started to create a level surface for the turf to lay on. The topsoil was prepared as instructed for the arrival of 140 rolls in the morning, and by the end of the day all was finished. The addition of a sprinkler makes life a lot easier on larger turfed areas and gives the turf the best possible start for establishment. Congratulations to our clients who have done a splendid job and here are a few words from them:


"The turf was amazing, everyone has commented on it and it has made such a difference. The service was amazing, quick and easy."

In Galleywood
Carried out by homeowner

"We're no experts at this but the quality of your topsoil and turf made it really easy. It started rooting straight away. The ground had been covered over with boards, building materials and plant tools all through the winter. We took up the boards, cleared up the building mess and laid the top soil, levelling and packing as we went, then laid the turf; we have been watering it for England ever since".


I think we can all agree that you have done a fantastic job. With 6 tonnes of topsoil to maneuver and distribute around the back garden and to lay rolls 60 rolls of turf is no small task. 


"Thoroughly recommend Wright Turf Ltd, extremely responsive, thoroughly friendly ad efficient service, lovely quality soil and turf, goes down like a dream. Neighbours now jealous and ordering their own".

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