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Premium Topsoil

10mm Screened Topsoil

Good quality fertilizer. Vermicompost is

£60 inc Vat per bulk bag

  • Agricultural grade 1 topsoil

  • Sandy Silt Loam classification

Suitable for:       Turf seeding

Vegetables and flower beds


Bulk bag delivery can be arranged for all of Essex and Suffolk. For larger orders or Bulk please call: 01206 250888

Topsoil calculator

Use our calculator to work out how many bags of topsoil you require. 


Measure the length and height of the area you wish to topsoil in metres and then enter how thick you want the layer of soil to be in centimetres and our calculator will do the rest.  

Alternatively if you know the area of the space you want to topsoil, then plug in the area and depth, our calculator will generate the amount of bags required. Our Topsoil has a bulk density of 1600kg/m2.

For any help, please call 07831888877 and we will be happy to assist. 

We deliver these bulk bags via a hiab, which uses a crane to offload the bags onto front gardens or driveways. Please make sure you have the appropriate access for our drivers. 

We can also load these bags onto trailers if necessary, so there is always the opportunity to save on delivery cost and come collect directly. 

Screened topsoil available in bulk or by the ton. Discount can be offered for larger offers and everything can be delivered.

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