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Landscaping Turf

Our general landscaping turf ticks all of the boxes for a multi-functional, working lawn. Its ability to bounce back after footfall whilst keeping its lush green visual and form makes it the ideal suit for any landscaping project.


The turf is harvested after a year and a half (longer than most other companies) to ensure its longevity once trans-located to its new home. Establishing a mature root horizon creates the foundation for the grass to concentrate its energy on above-ground performance, giving it that signature high quality look and feel.  

  • USE - Our durable general landscaping turf is ideal for family gardens, new build landscaping, parks and other recreational and outdoor spaces.

  • COVERAGE - Each roll covers approximately 1 square metre, measuring  approximately 1.7 metres in length and 0.6 metres in width.

  • DELIVERY, COLLECTION & COST - Will be stated within your FREE quote, which will be sent to you via a return email.

Grass Carpet Roll Isolated on White Back
Grass Carpet Roll Isolated on White Back


  • An all-round, hard-wearing durable turf for any landscaping project  

  • Tailored to meet client demand of a uniform, hard wearing turf able to withstand garden activities

  • Composed of 8-cultivars, our turf is bio-diverse, attributing to improved resistance & resilience against stress, pests and diseases whilst enhancing overall durability & aesthetics

  • Regularly mowed to create tolerance to low deck mowing

  • Freshly cut to order, to maximise successful establishment & longevity 

  • Cost effective, this landscaping turf is affordable on any project scale with bulk discounting

Our Turf Guides


Step-by-step guide to work out the amount of turf needed

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Step-by-step guide on how to lay a lawn professionally

Black Soil

Learn how to prepare the soil  for the new turfs arrival

a garden shed with all the tools of the

Month by month advice on how to maintain that perfect lawn

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